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Safety Notes

For safe use, read, undertand and consent to the Safety Notes
Only install when the cars condition, performance and problems are well known and
intallation in a car which is unfamiliar is not recommended.
Please acknowledge that the installation and problems that occur or are caused are not
in anyway the responsibility of BEE RACING JAPAN.
This product is an accessory used to improve performance.
No claims or responsibility from people that do don’t read or understand the instruction manual or notes.
Before opening, if return is required, please follow the return procedure.Once opened, the customer has
accepted the conditions of use and accepted the no claim conditions.


Ignoring the WARNINGS may lead to accidental death of driver, passengers or 3rd parties.
Under no circumstances should the product be used for or in anyway other than specified in manual.
The product cannot be guaranteed to perform other than specified in manual and may lead to accidents if used other ways.
When strange noises or smells occur during use, product should be discontinued for use.
If not disconued product may cause damage such as electric shock, fire and the damage to electrical components.
Other than designed use by BEE RACING, please do not use for any other purpose.
If used other than designed for ,loss and damage cannot be guranteed to customer or third parties.
If product is installed in a non stable surface, product may interfere with driving.
If the product becomes a hindrance or interferes with driving, it may lead to an accident.
Please install only after removing negative terminal of the battery.
When the connector is disconnected, do not pull on the harness.
Do not wire together with shared wiring for other electrical components.
Wiring with other accessories may cause a short circuit or electrical fire.
Do not adjust product during normal driving or travelling.
If used during normal driving, the chance of accident and danger increases.


Ignoring the notes and cautions may lead to physical injury or dangerous handling
or fatal injury.
Please only install at a qualified auto electrician due to the required knowledge and experience necessary for
Do not disassemble the product or modify.Doing so may lead to an electrical fire, shock or electrical damage.
Do not install in an area exposed to heat or water.If exposed to heat or water, product will malfunction
and lead to possible electrical shock,fire or vehicle damage.
Please inspect item regularly and if product appears operational please use.
The product is manufactured to high durability standards but maybe malfunction or decrease in performance
depending on the condition of the vehicle.
Please install at a qualified auto electrician and if questions arise please contact BEE RACING.
Operating hours are 10am-7pm Tuesday to Sunday. Email is checked regularly. Contact details are
printed on the instruction manual.
Both the customer and installer must understand and read the manual and accept the conditions before
installing. BEE RACING will not accept any liability or responsibility for any damage or consequences of installing the product.
Please make sure that you read the instruction manual and book. Please do not inquire or question the product without
first reading the book.
Once again we warn people that do not understand the conditions or do not agree to the conditions to return the product
unopened and unused.


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